Prototype V5.4 – 29.07.2023

1.     I AM Martin Frederik Garbers

2.     I AM God’s blessing and love 

3.     I AM joy, I create joyfully and playfully with ease.

4.     I AM divine creation and trust life to unfold perfectly in every moment. 

5.     I AM truth, I reveal truth gracefully authentic. I seek experiential truth rather than being right or correct. I allow myself to be wrong and learn and am open for the third alternative.

6.     I AM aware! I slow down to the speed of love through deep listening and presence, this creates miracles. My presence is a present 

7.     I AM being loving and creatively kind. I express gratitude towards people in my presence. – [black pearl] 

8.     I AM abundance, I give graciously,  receive and ask gratefully and connect people intentionally; In the giving is that we receive.

9.     I AM courage, I embrace fear as a way-marker towards personal growth. This allows me to play 10X in my zone of genius and encourages others to create from their zone of genius.

10.  I AM a spiritual being in a physical experience, I value experience, rather than reward. I meditate for inner peace. 

11.  I AM creation, it’s my way to mitigate risk, especially when it requires the deconstruction of the safe status quo. Messing up and failing is part of the experience. Embrace it!

12.  I AM aware, I take ownership and raise consciousness through my being. 

13.  I AM MY WORD; I commit to integrity in every aspect of my life by creating powerful agreements. – Failure to commit is the high cost of low living! Abracadabra I create as I speak. 

14.  My NO is royal, it is the fruit of my being, it helps me to make wise decisions and enables me to lead powerfully. – Rejection fuels playfulness. 

15.  I AM time and space. My NO! creates my NOW!, which creates all the time and space I want.

16.  I AM free, my freedom creates abundance and prosperity. My being creates my doing. Through my resourcefulness being I have no-thing and everything 

17.  My relationships are personal. I see the individual, rather than the role or the institution.

18.  I AM deeply in love with my wife Valeria and our love grows deeper every day. Moments of challenge are opportunities for growth. 

19.  I AM a loving father to my boys Gabriel, Daniel and Alexander. I see them in their full being. I model through example. 

20.  I love learning, I AM a generous teacher and curious student. 

21.  I AM humble, asking for help creates roles and opportunities for others to serve me. 

22.  I AM acceptance and forgiveness; I choose love over judgement. I surrender to the present moment. 

23.  I AM impact, I strive to create long term, global, meaningful impact. “ creating 144 lighthouses.

24.  I AM an entrepreneur and lead and build an extraordinary and prosperous transformational coaching business.

25. I AM service, as coach I serve my clients and lead them through deep transformation. I aspire to be a world leading transformational coach. 

26.  I AM healthy. I eat healthy and keep my body fit, I practice regularly.

27. I AM a man, I embody masculinity. I playfully integrate my archetypes: my playful lover, my courageous warrior, my decisive king and my wise sage! 

28.  I AM that the God in me honors the God in you. May you be blessed! 


Inspired by

The concept of writing my manifesto I was introduced by Rich Litvin, who has developed his document with Steve Hardison. Steve Hardison shares it in the book „The Ultimate Coach“ with several versions of his own document. Another source of inspiration is one of Steve’s clients Devon Bandison, During the Gamechanger he shared his Declaration (youtube video).

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