ALCAZAR – learning business coaching in a group of peers

ALCAZAR stands for a small group of similarly interested coaches, mentors, and “Trusted Advisors” who previously held responsible leadership positions and now meaningfully accompany other leaders in bringing their visions to the world on a large scale, like the advisor Merlin at the side of King Arthur. ACLAZAR is a group for coaches who learn from each other to grow personally and together, a combination of mastermind and coaching in the group.

In the first two ALCAZAR groups we were six and five members, which created a very intense and warm atmosphere. During the sessions, we repeatedly gave each other space to express our respective Zone of Genius and do deep coaching in front of the group. In reflection, this created several opportunities to pass inquiries to the right person in their Zone of Genius, so that the investment paid off multiple times.

Benefits for participants

  • Personal and professional growth: Participants can learn from each other and develop their skills and knowledge in coaching and mentoring.
  • Networking opportunities: The group provides a space for participants to connect with each other and share business opportunities.
  • Referrals and business opportunities: Through networking and collaboration, participants can refer each other to potential clients and projects. This created 10x and more Return on Invest for some participants.
  • Authenticity and support: Participants can be their authentic selves and discuss challenges they face in their work in a supportive environment.
  • Impact: Participants share a common goal of making a positive impact on society through their work.
  • Spiritual exploration: Participants value spiritual experiences as an important part of their lives.

Who is it designed for?

All participants bring the following prerequisites:

  • Own experience as a decision maker, entrepreneur, or leader in an organization (CEO, C-level, “Kings”), currently working as “Trusted Advisors” for others
  • Goal: You see yourself leading a prosperous coaching business and serving high power clients through deep transformation.
  • You walked the path of the hero’s journey of self transformation. You invest above-average time, energy, and money in personal growth and have a high quality standard in your service. (e.g. coaching certification)
  • People Leadership experience: you have significant experience in leading others, teams or organisations, including personnel selection and terminations (you have gone the way yourself)
  • Prosperous mindset: A six-figure income per year is a plausible target (you are interested in playing the game on a large scale)
  • Spiritual experiences are valuable to you and a significant part of your life.

Participants from the first groups commented …

“Das Alcazar-Gruppen-Coaching-Format bietet Vielfalt, kombiniert mit Tiefe und Offenheit. Martin gelingt es einen vertrauensvollen Rahmen zu schaffen und kann den Raum halten, wenn wir unsere persönlichen Themen offenbaren und auflösen. Jede Person entscheidet selbst, wie viel und was sie teilen möchte. Die Verantwortung liegt bei uns.

Ich habe durch die Teilnahme an der Alcazar-Gruppe mein Coaching-Profil schärfen können meinen Umsatz steigern können und bin viel mehr im Einklang mit mir, meinen Angeboten und Kunden. Meine Intention war es “To speak my truth” und ich habe sie auf unterschiedlichsten Ebenen erfahren und stärken können. Ich bedanke mich bei allen für die gemeinsame Zeit.

Martin fordert und fördert seine Coachees. Er ist ein außergewöhnlicher Coach mit Herz.”
Foto: ©Andreas von Tempelhoff

Marijana Brdar

Authorin und Coach, Köln, Teilnehmerin Alcazar2

“A wonderful atmosphere and a high spirit of supporting each other. I was able to help two participants offer their services to my client. I will be joining again in the second group.”

Claudio Toscani

Coach and Consultant, Toscani Consulting

The coaching with Martin helped me understand why I sometimes have blockages – and how to solve them. This made me much more effective and I can approach many things with much more momentum.

Christian Bremer

Speaker, Author and Coach



Overall, there will be 10 Zoom sessions lasting about 90 minutes each, every Monday from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. CET


Who is interested to do some networking: I open the room 10 minutes prior to starting to allow for some networking with others.

Start at 10:30 AM CET (Central European Time) with a check-in and centering exercise.
*If you are USA based, please send me a special message, as I am open to create a second group at a US-timezone. 

Coaching Impulse: There will be a coaching impulse (a tool for the coaching toolbox).

Group Coaching: You are invited to bring a topic that is important to you to the group coaching. We will create a respectful, protected space in which valuable impulses for you can arise through your own insights and experiences of others.

Reflection and Lessons Learned: After the coaching, there will be a reflection so that we can learn from each other and everyone can formulate their own insights.

Check-Out: around 12:00 pm (please allow an additional 15 minutes of buffer time).

The coachings will be recorded and made available in a members-only area.

Planned Dates:

Accelerator sessions: additional session for early birds and who want to explore the format:

Accelerator 1: Mo. 12. Jun 2023
Accelerator 2: Mo. 10. Jul 2023
Accelerator 3 : Mo. 31. Jul 2023 

START of the program:
#01: Mo. 18. Sep 2023 10:30 AM CET

#02 : Mo. 16. Okt 2023 
#03 : Mo. 06. Nov 2023
#04 : Mo. 04. Dec 2023
#05 : Mo. 15. Jan 2024
#06 : Mo. 05. Feb 2024
#07 : Mo. 11. Mar 2024
#08 : Mo. 08. Apr 2024
#09 : Mo. 06. May 2024
#10 : Wed 12 Jun 2024 – Camino Coaching Starnberg Final Walk



Your Investment:

10 months Program: 7896,00 € (plus VAT)

Option 1: 8 payments of 987 € (plus VAT) starting from September 2023
Option 2: 2 payments of 3.000 € (plus VAT) 1st at Start and 2nd in Januar 2024

What is included:
+ Includes 10 monthly Zoom coachings of 1.5 hours in the group

+ exclusive group size: maximum 10 selected participants

+ Includes Proposal Game PG2 in Autumn 2023 and PG3 in Spring 2024
each proposal game season consists of 4 session zoom 1h supported by google tracking sheet (stand alone value 2x €987)

+ Camino in summer 2024 at lake Starnberg in person (standalone value €987)

+ Recording of each Zoom call, the videos are available in the members’ area

+ private member area for practical exchange on Mighty Networks (Ask-Me-Anything support)

+ 2-level coaching/mentoring: (optional)  For coaching inquiries that I do not want to conduct myself, I offer to pass them on to my apprentice and ALCAZAR participants. For quality assurance, we agree on supervision of the respective coachee in a separate agreement.

+ Fill your coaching toolbox

How participants are auditioned?

My intention is to build a group of similar minded peers, therefore I audition potential participants.
Please schedule a 20min chat via the calendly button below or send a Linkedin or Email message. If after the chat fit feels like a fit for both sides, we will schedule a 90min coaching experience, so that you can experience the deep impact of coaching with me first hand. Experiential truth trumps conceptual truth. I will give you time to reflect and after that time we both feel like “HELL YES” I will send you the registration link for the program. If it’s not a “HELL YES”, let’s call it a “NO for NOW!”. This way all participants in the program are willing to play full out and in the pilgrims language are committed to carry their own luggage!

Tools that you will learn on the journey:

I am sharing my own coaching journey and learnings form my coaches Rich Litvin, Chris Joseph and Petra Gregory. Here a few methods and tools we will use and play with:

The Prosperous Coach Approach 2.0 nach Rich Litvin:
Connect, Chat, Invite, Create, Audition, Propose

Proposal Game (50 Conversations & 13 weeks proposal game)

Energy Audit, Coaching Math

5 Sales of Coaching

3 Levels of Safety

1st mountain 2nd mountain or why 10x is easier than 2x


Here is the story behind why ALCAZAR was chosen as the name for the group.

In early 2021, I participated in Rich Litvin’s project Kairos #4, and in a coaching session, I mentioned that I wanted to start a coaching group to finance my father’s boat. My father, Norbert, had a Riva boat on Lake Maggiore called ALCAZAR. It was a vintage wooden boat, built in 1956, a Riva Super Florida. A very beautiful wooden boat, but expensive to maintain and a real object of passion. After my father’s death, the boat sat in dry storage for several years and was no longer seaworthy. It was later discovered that restoration would cost at least €50,000, which was more than the proceeds from the first group could cover. So, I put the plan on hold.

However, a few weeks later, in the summer of 2021, a neighbor on Lake Maggiore called me and offered to buy the boat and restore it himself. As a family, we decided to sell the boat and use the proceeds to maintain our house on Lake Maggiore. Since Easter 2022, ALCAZAR has been fully restored and is sailing on Lake Maggiore again. My realization was that I don’t have to do everything myself. Sometimes, it’s easier to have friends and neighbors whom I can enable to realize their dreams on a larger scale! What if it is fun and easy?

Martin Frederik Garbers
Camino Coaching
Ismaninger 68, 81675 München
Tel mobil: +49 172 1328207
Email coach(at)
Entdecken Sie als Unternehmer und Mensch Ihren inneren Kompass und schöpfen Sie Ihr Potenzial freudvoll aus. Coaching mit Martin Frederik Garbers begleitet Sie auf dem Weg zu unternehmerischem Wachstum und authentisch gelebter Lebensfreude.