LEVEL UP your coaching business through POWERFUL PROPOSALS and CREATE VALUABLE CONNECTIONS with other likeminded players!

Break free from facing challenges alone! Experience the power of collaboration and support within our group, leading to consistent 6-digit sales for your coaching business!

  • You struggle to consistently attract and retain high-quality clients who are the right fit for your coaching services?

  • You are uncertain about the impact and the value of your coaching. You want to speak out proposals that reflect the transformational value of your coaching clients?

  • You want to build a prosperous coaching business by serving powerfully one client at a time, rather than spending endless hours on social media?

  • You feel sometimes that you are alone in this game, it causes a sense of annoyance or frustration, you want to connect to a group of like-minded peers at eye level and learn and grow with them?

  • You feel isolated in your ability to exchange valuable insights, share experiences, and engage in collaborative discussions to enhance your coaching practice?

From 18 years of corporate experience and many years of coaching and leadership experience I have learned that it takes more than just good certifications & expertise.




I am Martin Frederik Garbers and I help coaches, mentors, and “Trusted Advisors” to develop personally and professionally, to strengthen their networking opportunities, to empower each other and to have a positive impact on society together.

My own leadership experience has allowed me to experience how helpful self-reflection and the guidance of a coach can be. Leadership for me is a combination of identity and effective application of the appropriate tools.


I have therefore created for my APPRENTICESHIP clients coaches and my ALCAZAR group coaching clients the PROPOSAL GAME, a game focussed only on creating connections and powerful 1 to 1 proposals.

This way we learn from each other to GROW PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY.

A combination of a mastermind, an accountability game and coaching in the group.

Prosperous Coach Approach 2.0

The original idea is Inspired by Rich Litvin book and intensive “The prosperous coach”.

Create a coaching business one client at a time, connect, invite, create and propose.


By engaging powerful coaching conversations and focusing on building impactful proposals, you will enhance your client creation and proposal-building skills while learning from failures and celebrating progress with your peers.


You will learn how to assess and optimize your energy levels, which will lead to increased productivity, focus, and overall well-being and will positively impact your coaching practice and client interactions. What drains you of energy? What gives you energy?

Coaching Math

Managing your personal energy is essential to create powerful experiences with your clients. One tool to leverage your clients impact is the coaching math: What to STOP (SUBTRACT), What to do LESS of (DIVIDE), What to START (ADDITION), what to do MORE of (MULTIPLY).

Five Sales of Coaching

You will learn and implement an effective client creation methodolgy, you lead your potential client through a decision making process, leading to a HELL YES or a HELL NO. There is no more MAYBE space. 

Abracadabra – Goal Setting:
Picture this – I create my future through words.
Set two goals for the game: Connects and Proposals.

Connects – Goal:
Imagine connecting with individuals, exploring coaching possibilities. Choose how many people to connect with in 13 weeks. Your aim: offer them an impactful coaching experience that showcases your expertise.

Proposal – Goal:
Challenge yourself! Set a proposal value target for the quarter. Try this technique: Take 50% of next year’s income goal, or multiply your 3-month target by 3. This helps you build your proposal muscle and prepares you for potential challenges.

Creative Tracking:
Activate your creative side. Select an image, LEGO blocks, or marbles that symbolize your goals. For instance, if your goal is 20 connects and €100k in proposals, color in sections of the image for each €1k proposal. Or use LEGO to build, or marbles to move, representing your progress.

Tracking Connections:
Keep tabs on your connections! Each time you extend an invitation for a coaching experience, note it down. Whether they accept or decline, it counts. A Google sheet will help you manage this.

Tracking Proposals:
Record every proposal you deliver: names/initials, date, value, and status (YES, NO, MAYBE). Use the Google sheet for efficient tracking.

Visible Tracking:
Post each proposal, engage in visible tracking – color in sections of your chosen image, move LEGO pieces, or transfer marbles. Celebrate your progress!


Join us in the Proposal Game to connect with potential coaching clients, craft compelling proposals, and deliver them with confidence. Let’s make inviting clients to coaching experiences an exciting journey! Celebrate the NOs and reflect on the lessons learned. It’s all about the experience

Duration of the Game:The game runs for 13 weeks.
Proposal Game 3 – Spring 2024 season starts on Jan 29th and ends on May 13th 2024
Session #1 – Start: Mon Jan 29th 5-6 PM CET
Session #2 – LAP1: Mon Mar 4th 5-6 PM CET
Session #3 – LAP 2: Mon Apr 8th 5-6 PM CET
Session #4 – Final: Mon May 13th 5-6 PM CET

During the proposal game we communicate in ENGLISH via MIGHTY NETWORKS platform and a WHATSAPP support channel.



Celebrate NOs:
Turn NOs into celebrations! Your power lies in crafting robust proposals. Celebrate the journey and the decisions, whether they’re YES or NO.

Sharing Experience:
Let’s share lessons and experiences, celebrating NOs together. The game is about growth and learning as a community.

The 1% Rule:
Elevate the fun with the 1% rule! Tie your results to generosity for abundant vibes.

Choose to donate 1% of the total NOs’ value to a charity you care about.

1% YES >> KIVA:
Invest 1% of the total value of successful proposals in Kiva microcredits or a similar initiative, supporting entrepreneurial growth.

Next Season: Proposal Game 3 – Spring 2024 season starts on Feb 19th and ends on May 13th 2024

Let’s embrace the Proposal Game, where connection, proposal crafting, and generosity come together in a dynamic journey of growth. Ready to play?



  • You will invite potential clients with ease and fun into a coaching experience. Coming from a place of service not trying to please them.

  • You will speak out high value coaching proposals consistently which will result in higher quality clients over the long run.

  • You will be able to level up your coaching businesses and achieve higher proposals which will bring you a sense of excitement and motivation.

  • You will relish the opportunity to connect with like-minded people at eye level, forming valuable connections and expanding your network.



“Great experience with great learning effect and valuable new contacts!”

Marc Antonius Dominick, Frankfurt a. M.

Passion Enabler, Trusted Advisor, Coach


“Playing the Proposal Game was valuable to bring high quality clients into my coaching business.”

Kris Konsap, Estland

Founder at Nutriante Global | Certified Lifebook Leader | Public Speaker


“It was masterfully created & executed. Since during this time I created a $2 million dollar business outside of my coaching in less than 90 days, I would say it (and Martin) changed my life.”

Darla Williams, Texas

Consciousness Coach


“Inspiring and encouraging”

Bart Van Grinsven, Valencia

Dreamcatcher & Lifeshaper


Join the Proposal Game in Jan 2024 to learn, grow and thrive alongside like-minded peers. Dont miss this opportunity to transfrom your coaching practice and make a lasting impact.